Robert & Chie Hamilton

Robert & Chie Hamilton live in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Robert is owner of Bridal Dream Wedding Company, where he is a Wedding Minister & Photographer. Chie is co-owner and Wedding Assistant.

October 19, 2012
Just want to say farewell to my Grandfather, Navy Cdr. Randolph Klippel, born in Aug 1914, passed Oct 18, 2012. Your fun laugh and great sense of humor will be missed, and even your frightening sneezes. I wish I could have visited you this past year while we still had you with us. How I wish you had written down your long life of experiences, about your young years, how you met Grandmother, about my Mother and Aunts & Uncle, your 20-year military career and participation in two wars...

May we meet on the other side in a better place.

Your grandson,

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